About Us

James photo for AJFA1And Justice For All was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between James Wright (owner of Damages Inc., LLC) and Altru-Media, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Page 1 Solutions and is the trademark owner of AndJusticeForAll.com™.

For the better part of the last decade, Dr. Wright used his professional experience in the legal field (as a Jury Trial Consultant) coupled with his educational background (Ph.D. in Consumer Psychology) to systematically accumulate the most expansive, premier domain name portfolio (web addresses) in the international legal industry.  Dr. Wright believed that this portfolio could serve as a ‘digital highway’ for the people who need to find attorneys, lawyers, advocates, solicitors or law firms across the world.  Moreover, it became clear that this international network of legal services could generate enough traffic and attention to ‘give back’.  James firmly believed in the concept “..and justice for all” and he resisted “profiteers” suggestions to disregard this charitable angle.

231_25576193840_5413_nAfter years of contact with various search engine optimization or internet marketing firms, Dr. Wright had heard repeated positive feedback from law firms regarding the skill and breadth of service offered by Page 1 Solutions. Dr. Wright immediately recognized the depth of Page 1 Solutions’ service offerings and its pre-existing charitable history, and contacted Page 1 Solutions’ owner Dan Goldstein.

The two necessary forces had aligning visions for And Justice For Al. Based on charitable motivations underlying the concept of “…and justice for all”, Dan and James formed a joint venture to develop the portfolio of law domain names into an extensive, multi-lingual, and multi-national network of websites that would serve web searchers with informative legal information anywhere in the world.

Page 1 formed Altru-Media, LLC to separate AJFA from Page 1’s core business.  Dan asked a long-time member of his management team – Troy Dunn – to lead the efforts to develop the AJFA network of websites.  Troy welcomed the opportunity and the challenge and in April 2012, began the process. Troy’s background includes managing Page 1’s Design, IT, Programming and Video Departments, so he brings lots of website development and marketing knowledge to the table.

In addition to the goal of developing the preeminent network of legal websites, one thing that all the principals agree on is that we will give back 10% of our profits to charitable causes benefiting people, animals and the environment.  Dr. Wright has long championed environmental and animal rights causes and Page 1 has aggressively championed environmental protection and community programs over the years.