Turning “Charitability” into Profitability

At …And Justice For All, we believe that fighting for justice is ‘good business’. We believe that fighting for justice is not only morally and ethically critically, but also that “charitability” can lead to profitability.

The United States Chamber of Commerce has championed this same pursuit with its Environmental Innovation Report.

Several organizations have implemented initiatives that also embrace the ideal that environmentally conscious solutions can also be profitable. The Environmental Innovation Map (2014) charts creative projects by US organization geared toward environmental conservation and business opportunities.

…And Justice For All and our international law firm networks (GlobalLawFirms.org & the LawFirmPublishingNetwork.com) encourage the legal community to help us support these goals.

…And Justice For All dogs & humans.

“The Dog Savior” Greg Mahle unites over 1000 dogs a year with new families by making a 4200 mile road trip twice a month.  Greg and his company Rescue Road Trips (www.RescueRoadTrips.com) have been making this journey for a decade now.

Below is a link to a news story describing a recent trip where Greg brings a Lab-Pitbull mix to the little girl who fell in love with the dog’s picture on the internet.  The dog and the little girl bonded immediately.  The girl’s mother is a soldier deployed to Kuwait and has adopted the Lab-Pit as a watchful companion for her young daughter while she is overseas performing her military service.  http://www.today.com/news/puppy-rescuer-takes-dogs-4-200-mile-odyssey-loving-arms-2D79517768

Our world needs more people like “the Dog Savior” Greg Mahle and farflung network of dog rescuers who save these dogs from shelters in their foster homes until permanent families are found.   …And Justice For All people and dogs!

Rescue Road Trips


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In recent years, major corporations have begun to recognize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is often referred to as the “Triple Bottom Line” and represents how companies achieve a positive impact on society through conscientious management of business practices.

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility encourages consumers and company organizational stakeholders to evaluate not only an organization’s economic performance, but also its social and environmental performance (hence, a “triple bottom line”).

Support of Corporate Social Responsibility is rapidly growing, with the number of CSR reports generated annually by major organizations increasing by over 700% since the turn of the new millennium. The current number of major organizations issuing CSR reports exceeds 350, with most Fortune 500 companies now included (as reported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce).

World Homicide Report (United Nations, 2013)

Global study on Homicide (UN, 2013)The United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime just released its 2013 report on global homicide statistics.  The report is 166 pages of statistics and charts breaking down everything from murder rates by country (per capita), type of weapon/instrument, yearly change, etc.

The Americas (North, Central, & South) have now surpassed Africa homicide rates in certain categories.  The Honduras had one of the highest murder rates and Lichtenstein had the lowest (with zero murders in 2012).  Asia showed relatively low suspect conviction rates.

The report is eye-opening in many respects and probably contains more information than the average person ever wanted to know about global murder statistics.


…And Justice For All, LLC: Model & Mission

…And Justice For All, LLC was founded based on a mission of global social responsibility. “Justice” is a concept most people hold dearly. Justice is the underlying purpose of the law and legal system.

Our mission of pursuing justice and championing charitability is memorialized by our organizational commitment to dedicate 10% of all profits from our international network to charitable causes in support of justice.

Los Angeles and Philadelphia Legal Help

If you live in the Los Angeles or Philadelphia area, finding the right law firm for you just got a little bit easier.

Launched today as part of the And Justice For All “Global Law Firm” network, PhiladelphiaLawFirms.org and LosAngelesLawFirms.org offer legal information for people seeking justice.

Each site includes local legal news, law firm listings, and helpful articles related to local laws.

If you’re an attorney or law firm looking to help provide justice in Philadelphia or Los Angeles, contact us today for information about how you can become a part of  our International Law Firm Publishing Network.



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Our largest network is about to go live! We’ve got a handful of test clients in the system and we’re working out the bugs. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to list your firm on one of the largest international law firm networks, where you can connect with people in need around the world.