…And Justice For All dogs & humans.

“The Dog Savior” Greg Mahle unites over 1000 dogs a year with new families by making a 4200 mile road trip twice a month.  Greg and his company Rescue Road Trips (www.RescueRoadTrips.com) have been making this journey for a decade now. Below is a link to … [Read more...]

World Homicide Report (United Nations, 2013)

The United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime just released its 2013 report on global homicide statistics.  The report is 166 pages of statistics and charts breaking down everything from murder rates by country (per capita), type of weapon/instrument, … [Read more...]

…And Justice For All, LLC: Model & Mission

…And Justice For All, LLC was founded based on a mission of global social responsibility. “Justice” is a concept most people hold dearly. Justice is the underlying purpose of the law and legal system. Our mission of pursuing justice and championing … [Read more...]

GlobalLawFirms.org Coming Soon!

Our largest network is about to go live! We've got a handful of test clients in the system and we're working out the bugs. Pretty soon, you'll be able to list your firm on one of the largest international law firm networks, where you can connect with … [Read more...]