…And Justice For All dogs & humans.

“The Dog Savior” Greg Mahle unites over 1000 dogs a year with new families by making a 4200 mile road trip twice a month.  Greg and his company Rescue Road Trips (www.RescueRoadTrips.com) have been making this journey for a decade now.

Below is a link to a news story describing a recent trip where Greg brings a Lab-Pitbull mix to the little girl who fell in love with the dog’s picture on the internet.  The dog and the little girl bonded immediately.  The girl’s mother is a soldier deployed to Kuwait and has adopted the Lab-Pit as a watchful companion for her young daughter while she is overseas performing her military service.  http://www.today.com/news/puppy-rescuer-takes-dogs-4-200-mile-odyssey-loving-arms-2D79517768

Our world needs more people like “the Dog Savior” Greg Mahle and farflung network of dog rescuers who save these dogs from shelters in their foster homes until permanent families are found.   …And Justice For All people and dogs!

Rescue Road Trips