About Our Network

Multi-site Global Network

AndJusticeForAll.com™ is a global network of legal industry websites with a committed charitable mission. The “And Justice For All” website network currently consists of over 100 geographic (illustrated on the map below) and law practice areas websites. All of our websites are built on pure law keyword domain name addresses (URLs). This degree of domain purity offers clear and concise descriptive links for web searchers seeking attorneys and law firms. The descriptive nature of our website network and our charitable mission distinguishes us from the hordes of singular directory websites that currently flood the market. Our worldwide coverage of geographic law firm websites and our international publishing network of legal industry practice area domains is unparalleled.

Charitable Commitment & Social Media Benefits

And Justice For All was founded on a strong sense of social responsibility. We have committed 10% of our profits to charitable causes as our mission statement. Our ongoing charitable commitment is memorialized in our organization’s Articles of Incorporation, and thus will continue permanently. In the spirit of “And Justice For All”, we have delineated that our charitable donations be split evenly across humans, animals, and the environment to ensure support for the entire ecosystem of our planet. We expect that this philanthropic commitment will be embraced by consumers and promoted through social media channels. The international expanse of our pure keyword domain publishing network and our charitable actions separate us from all other legal website directories.

Exclusive Network of Preeminent Law Firms

Our network of pure keyword law domain websites is an exclusive network limited to the preeminent attorneys, lawyers, solicitors, barristers, and law firms in geographic territories across the globe. This exclusivity sets us apart from most competitors and assists consumers by refining their search for legal services. Consequently, we are limiting our listings and promotion to between one and five law firms per practice area in each respective geographic location. This provides a refined list of approved options to consumers and heightened promotion to our select client law firms.

Detailed Profile Listings

Web searchers of legal services are presented an extensive profile of law firm and lawyer characteristics. For example, contact information for office locations, topic categories of law practice, experience and accolades, your firm’s website address, etc. This link provides an illustrative example of our lawyer profile page.

Focused Promotion

Our promotion of only one to five law firms per area provides law firms with more focused attention from web searchers. Our pure keyword domain network conveys high stature which generates more ‘click-throughs’ for our select law firms. Each law firm that is part of our exclusive network will also have the opportunity to create profiles for each individual lawyer within the firm (for an additional yearly fee of $100 per lawyer).

Secured Long-term Placement

If your firm elects to be listed in five or more websites (location or practice area domains) on our network, you will receive a 25% discount per additional listing. Each firm listed in our network will have “rights of first refusal” to continue their listing thereafter. Consequently, there is limited window of opportunity for firms to be promoted and once the listings are ‘sold out’ only the earliest-adopters will have first choice to continue to be a part of our charitable network.

Simplified Form for Listing Your Firm

We have created a network model that simplifies the processes for both lawyers and consumers. We have created a centralized database for law firm information that only requires that law firms fill-out the sign-up form once and the information can then be transmitted to all of our satellite websites (geographic or practice area keyword domains) as selected by the law firm. This eliminates the industry problem wherein law firms or lawyers must fill-out multiple separate sign-up forms for each of the hundreds of singular law directories throughout the web.

Publishing & Authorship Exposure

Additionally, our network provides the opportunity to earn valuable exposure (which will increase your own law firm website’s prominence) by publishing informative articles for web searchers on legal topics of your choice. Our expansive network is equipped with technology to syndicate your articles across your chosen website locations, which will establish your expertise on the given topic and help to elevate your perceived stature among lawyers in your field and region.

Law Firms & Consumers ‘Giving Back’ …And Justice For All

For consumers of legal services, the And Justice For All network provides concise geographic and law practice topic information and a refined set of options so that web searchers can quickly find and determine the option that is best for their needs – all with the good conscience that comes from ‘giving back’ to those in need.

And Justice For All provides the most expansive international network of law-related websites in the legal industry. Given the globalization of the field, our network of pure descriptive domain websites, and the social media power of our charitable commitment, we expect to garner mass appeal and build web searcher traffic at an unprecedented rate. We hope you will elect to be part of our groundbreaking network.