Preparing a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2018

Digital Marketing

As 2017 comes to a close, it is important to take stock of your digital marketing strategy, noting both the failures and successes of your journey thus far, while also understanding the potential of rising trends. It seems every year there’s a new technological trend that alters the field of digital marketing, so be ready to revise your plan accordingly. As a law firm, you can really stand out by staying on top of key changes in digital marketing. At the same time, it’s important to hone what’s working and build on the basics.

Key Innovations

Thus, it might behoove you to understand the potential of machine learning and AI for your law firm. You might be able to use this emergent technology to streamline your targeting efforts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Instead of using your own brain to determine which images and posts produce optimal results, you can use AI image recognition software to run automated searches to help pinpoint which images attract the most attention. This, in turn, can help strengthen your brand and build lasting relationships with potential clients.

Robot Writers

AI is also potentially useful for content generation. The Associated Press has already begun utilizing this top-of-the-line technology to write certain news articles. Starting in 2014, the news agency started publishing nearly 3,000 articles per quarter using AI. As observed by The Verge, this technology allows the AP to publish news just minutes after it breaks. When Apple broke its record for quarterly earnings, the robot on-hire delivered the following content within minutes: “Apple tops Street 1Q forecasts.” It’s accurate, up-to-date and relevant. Eventually, the company behind this innovation will be able to generate nearly 2,000 articles per second, according to James Kotecki of Automated Insights.

While this is an exciting development, lawyers should be wary about turning over their content marketing efforts to a computer in the near future.

Conversations With AI

And with the rise of so-called conversational systems, currently spearheaded by Microsoft, potential clients could, in the near future, have the ability to communicate with your firm, not only through speech, but through the various senses – hearing, sight, touch etc. This direct form of contact will not only enhance users’ experiences, it could also increase the value of interactions, facilitating digital targeting and content delivery.

The Basics

Okay, so that all might seem a bit far-fetched for a law firm, but the truth is, there might be ways to tap into emergent AI technologies without overspending. That aside, before changing your budget to include AI in your digital marketing plan, you should sit down and reflect objectively on the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy during the past year. With Google Analytics and Google Search Console as well as other tools you can determine who is clicking what and whether those clicks are converting mere site visitors into potential clients, or even full-blown clients. Simply put, you should spend time determining what’s working and what’s not working, and adjust your priorities accordingly.

Concrete Goals

In adjusting your budget, it’s important to use concrete, quantifiable facts and figures. By using measureable data, you can create a plan that is realistic and actionable. This means setting achievable goals and determining the amount of money needed to support your goals. You can use your marketing data to determine which marketing method will likely result in higher returns, and thus, which method deserves more attention.

Prioritizing What Works

Which method you choose to prioritize (and you may choose more than one, depending on your spending capacity) will ultimately depend on what works for you, but generally speaking some are more popular than others. According to a survey conducted by Smart Insights, the number one tactic for marketers is content generation. This is partially because generating high-quality content allows you to increase the value of your social media presence and supplies material for email marketing. That’s not to mention that it provides the basis for search engine optimization.

And content marketing should not be limited to your own website. You can and should submit blog posts and articles to credible third party informational websites and directories such as those listed on Global Law Firms.

While content marketing continues to be a viable strategy in 2018, remember to pay attention to your own trajectory. And, continue to explore emergent trends in digital marketing – ideally in a way that supports strategies that have already proven to be effective for your firm.

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